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Modern, Spacious Location directly off Rt. 9— perfect for groups of any size

incredible facilities, a supportive community and a network of industry leaders.

See how 333 on 9 can work for your team


Details of Perk/Traffic Builders as a company. Quick description of the location, and some cool about local facts about Bayaville. 

What We Are Doing

Opening our doors to local people and businesses to use our cutting-edge business solutions and space to uplevel their work, presentations, and bottom lines. 


Why We Do What We Do

We love our space so much and want to offer local businesses access to a high end meeting space with top of the line technology that is not seen anywhere else in Ocean County.


Why You Should Come Here


Spacious, safe and clean, our space is large enough to host groups of people while maintaining COVID safe guidelines.  We also use state of the art HEPA filtration systems to ensure a safe environment

Cleaning Computer Keyboard

Private Workshops, Classes, & Events

Our Theater is perfect for:

333 on 9 Package Options

Package Options


$199/ hr

Rent the Theater

Basic Features






$249/ hr

Rent the Theater with Interactive Technology

All Basic Features Plus

Record Your Event and receive raw video files 

Ability to live stream on social media


$299/ hr

Rent the Theater with Basic Video Production

All Lite Features Plus

Includes basic video production and delivery of finished file(s)


$349/ hr

Rent the Theater with Advanced Video Production

All Premium Features Plus

Includes advanced video production and delivery of finished file(s)

333 on 9 Package Add-Ons

Perk Catering

Perk Pics 03_edited.jpg

$10/ person

Continental Breakfast (coffee, tea, pastries, protein bites, parfaits)

Perk Pics 03.05_edited.jpg

$20/ person

Lunch Catering (Sandwiches, salads, sodas, coffee, tea)


$10/ hour

Ability to have others “attend” via Zoom or Google Meet with the use of 4K cameras

Basic Ads-Ons

$20/ hour

Professional Audio/Video Editing of your entire event

Lite Ads-Ons

$10/ hour

Live stream on social media

Lite Ads-Ons

$50/ hour

Video can be produced and edit to various formats and lengths for multiple uses

Pro & Premium Ads-Ons

$75/ hour

Our videographer can be on site and coordinate the event

Pro & Premium Ads-Ons

Contact Us

With the right setting, everything is possible

If you'd like to discover more about 333 on 9, join for us for a Complimentary Tour 

Thank you for joining us!

Woman in an Office

Thank you for joining us!

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